QQ: online web portal messaging service

QQ Tencent, which in recent year’s people knows by its simple term known as QQ, is an online instant messaging service app. There are also different versions of this software services for instant messaging. There are two web-based versions of QQ; one is a full version QQ, and the other, the Lite QQ version called the QQ Mini. By the early year of 2002, the company which developed the QQ software services for instant messaging started to stop its free member registration.

But due to other online software services for instant messaging still providing free services to its users, the company decided to overturn its decision. In 2003, QQ software services for instant messaging overturned the decision and made it available for its members’ free registration. In this modern world, due to much-advanced technology, there are various online service providers. The services vary according to their uses. Different services have applications that people can utilize for different uses. Instant messaging apps help people chat, share and keep them in constant contact with their friends and families.

There are several communication services like Windows Live Messenger, the new name for the MSN, which people nowadays use online to communicate with friends and families. Software services for instant messaging or a web portal like the QQ have helped people in this modern world. QQ, which is a Software service for instant messaging, helps users in many ways one can imagine. When people want to connect with friends and families, they can chat through this web-based instant messaging service, QQ.

There are many features and functions on the web-based instant messaging service QQ. Among the features and functions that web-based instant messaging service QQ provides are; chatting, users can use the service for gaming online, use it for blogging, online dating service, etc. The different features that QQ online instant messaging service provides help people communicate more efficiently. Online social media platforms which provide users for communication purpose have been on the rise since the age of computers took over the world.

Whenever gamers get free time, then they can play with their poker matches out of QQ online. Players need not worry about safety and may enjoy their games from their protected and private places. Players can access thrilling advertisement enjoyable gameplay, and thus it attracts each of its player’s focus to a fantastic extent.